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Name:Bob Turel
Company:Bob Turel The Presentations Coach
Title:Head Coach
Address:Belle Vista
City:St. Pete Beach
Country:United States of America
Phone No:7273600195
Cell No:7275175753
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Bob Turel
Presentations Coach - Professional Development Trainer - Distinguished Toastmaster
When you are able to live your passion and make it your vocation, how much more ideal can it get?

When a boss tapped me on the shoulder and suggested I become a workshop trainer, after laughing, I signed on and it changed my life forever!

I seem to engage in every activity with the soul of a teacher - that spirit always wanting to assist, serve, mentor and guide others in their quest to excel.

I have been a professional development trainer for more than 35 years and recently have concentrated my skills based coaching in the wonderful world of public speaking and presentations. Although for some entrepreneurs one of the most fearful activities, I always create an atmosphere of FUN, friendly support and progress in a way that enables, empowers and entreats my client to actually want to do more!

In addition to bringing interpersonal skills learning & development to thousands of professionals, I also engage in individualized coaching for on-camera or live audience presentations. It is always preferable to underscore your personality in any kind of public relations, promotions, marketing or advertising, so why not do that with videos?

My specialty is assisting business owners and other professionals in creating the most compelling video presentations to captivate their audiences with clear, concise and personality-driven WOW messaging.

If I can assist you in putting your personality where your marketing messages need to be, contact me and let's get started at changing the way you communicate for the rest of your life!
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